Join CyraCom at the Hilton Chicago for the 2018 Healthcare Language Services Summit. This year's event is packed with in-depth learning sessions, keynotes from industry experts, and networking with language services peers from across the country. In addition, representatives from the American Hospital Association and The Joint Commission will be a part of our program.

What you will learn at this year’s Summit:

The latest best practices for language access and success stories from organizations like yours

How to improve your program so that staff and patients alike love using it

The details of Section 1557, Joint Commission Standards and Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements

How what you do makes a difference for the lives of limited-English proficient patients

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  • “The CyraCom Summit fills a huge gap for the managing side of language services. Thank you for the opportunity to participate and learn from my colleagues across the country.”

    — Deb
  • “What a fabulous conference – everything was so well organized. The speakers were excellent, the venue and food were to die for, and the company was great all around!”

    — Chelsea
  • “I appreciated that the information was unbiased. The speakers hit on how to utilize all modalities of service and promoted cultural understanding, not just straight interpretation.”

    — Neil
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Speakers Worth Talking About

We've put together an amazing slate of speakers for the 2018 Summit representing hospitals, businesses, and language services. Our program this year is designed to maximize the time available to learn and grow with help from these experts, your peers, and more opportunities than ever before for Q&A and panel discussions.

Team Member
Dr. Pedro Jose Greer
Professor & Founding Chair Dept. of Medicine, Family Medicine and Community Health
Team Member
Christina Cordero, PhD, MPH
Project Director
Joint Commission
Team Member
Diana Carr
Senior Cultural and Linguistic Specialist
Team Member
Kathleen Wessel
Vice President, Business Management
American Hospital Association
Team Member
Lori Marshall, RN, MSN, PhD
Children's Hospital of Los Angeles
Team Member
Margeaux Anderson
Operations Consultant
LifeBridge Health
Team Member
Samantha Rosario
Program Manager, Language Access
Team Member
Sarah Hesler
Language Services Manager
University of Kentucky
Team Member
Victor Collazo
ASL Center Manager

September 26th

  • 6:00 – 8:00PM
    Welcome Reception & Cocktails
    Joliet Room

September 27th (AM)

  • 7:30AM
  • 8:15AM
    Austin Wade – CyraCom
  • 8:30AM
    Opening Keynote
    Dr. Pedro Jose Greer - Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

    Dr. Pedro Jose Greer Jr. is the founder and Medical Director of Camellus Health Concern in Miami, a winner of the Macarthur "Genius Grant" and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the author of "Waking Up In America." Dr. Greer, known in Miami as "The Physician to the Poor", discovered there was "a third world country" in his hometown. He reached out to provide medical care to the homeless, sick and dying wherever they were, in the streets or in shelters.

    Dr. Greer started a makeshift clinic in a shelter, using one bed as an examining table. By sheer persistence and force of conviction, he talked many of his fellow physicians into providing free care along with him. These efforts grew into a four-clinic organization known as Camillus Health Concern (CHC). Providing comprehensive health care to well over 10,000 adults and children each year, CHC also offers a full range of social services, including disease prevention education, assistance in accessing benefits, employment services, legal services and veterans' services for homeless persons. Dr. Greer continues to canvass the city in his car, making "house calls" and encouraging people living under bridges and in public parks to seek proper medical treatment at the clinics. Giving hope to the hopeless, love and care to the sick, he is truly a force for social change.

    Dr. Greer takes his Hippocratic oath seriously, his concern for those without access to health care has fueled his passion for the homeless, undocumented, migrant and poor. Currently he is the Assistant Dean at the University of Miami School of Medicine, and Chief of Gastroenterology at Mercy Hospital in Miami, where he practices hepatology and gastroenterology with his father. He has been an advisor to both the Clinton and Bush Sr. administrations.

  • 10:00AM
    Break & Snacks
  • 10:15AM
    Optimizing Language Services Programs: Technology + Interpreter Role Development
    Lori Marshall, RN, MSN, PhD – Children's Hospital Los Angeles

    Lori C. Marshall has been at Children's Hospital Los Angeles since 1998 and currently serves an Administrator. She received her Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Education (Educational Psychology) with an emphasis on human performance in the workplace at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California. She was on the teaching faculty for the Masters of Academic Medicine Program at USC from 2007 to 2015, Price School of Public Policy 2015-2016 and an Assistant Adjunct Professor at the University California Los Angeles, School of Nursing from 2013 to 2016. Aside from her academic roles she has over 39 years’ experience in healthcare with 32 years of that focused in leadership and education roles.

    Lori's experiences go beyond the hospital setting to include general manager/director of nursing for a home health agency serving southern California and an education specialist for the Outpatient Clinics at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Her research activities and publications focus on healthcare disparity equity issues, language services programs, patient family education, teamwork within healthcare with studies conducted in the United States and Australia. She has presented as an invited speaker at multiple conferences in the United States, Australia, China, and Italy on the subject of disparity/equity of care, language services, teams, teamwork, quality and patient and family education. Lori is the author of Mastering Patient & Family Education: A Handbook for Success, published by Sigma Theta Tau International.

  • 11:15AM
    Steps Toward the Provision of Quality Interpreter Services
    Diana Carr - HealthNet

    Diana M. Carr, MA is a Medical Anthropologist and Senior Cultural and Linguistic Specialist at the C&L Services Department, Health Net of California. Ms Carr has been with Health Net of California for 22 years. Ms. Carr holds a Master of Art’s degree in anthropology and is a medical anthropologist whose area of specialization is non-western health care, ethnopharmacology and cognitive linguistics. She is a PhD candidate at the University of California, Riverside where she specializes in cognitive linguistics and medical anthropology. Ms Carr is the co-lead of the ICE for Health Cultural and Linguistic Work Group focusing on language services for health plans and providers.

September 27th (PM)

  • 12:00PM
  • 1:00PM
    Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity at Northwell Health
    Samantha Rosario – Northwell
  • 1:45PM
    Implementing a Robust Interpreter Services Program
    Margeaux Anderson – LifeBridge Health

    Margeaux Anderson joined LifeBridge Health in March 2017 as an operations consultant focusing on system-wide projects such as telehealth device implementation, LEAN consulting and training, change management, and process workflow redesign. With a goal of delivering value and organizational change, Margeaux excels at managing complex projects while coordinating front-line staff and subject matter experts in developing measurement frameworks to drive continuous improvement. Prior to joining LifeBridge Health, she oversaw operations management and strategic planning for Desert Paper and Envelope, a LEAN manufacturer based in New Mexico. Margeaux earned a BS in Engineering from Northern Arizona University and is currently pursuing an MBA in Healthcare from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. She holds professional certifications in LEAN, Six Sigma, and Facilitation.

  • 2:45PM
    Break & Snacks
  • 3:00PM
    Hospital Speakers Panel Q&A
    Margeaux Anderson, Sarah Hesler, Dr. Lori Marshall, and Samantha Rosario

    Our hospitals speakers take the stage for a group panel focused on critical topics in healthcare and language services through moderated discussion and audience Q&A.

  • 3:45PM
    Q&A on Communicating with Patients who are Deaf & Hard of Hearing
    Victor Collazo – CyraCom

    Victor Collazo is a nationally certified, professional American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter. He holds a Master-level National Interpreter Certification, and has more than ten years' experience interpreting for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

    Victor serves as ASL Operations Manager for CyraCom. His primary responsibilities include overall management of ASL interpreters and overseeing CyraCom's ASL interpretation line of business. Victor holds a bachelor's degree from Rutgers University in Science, and earned a degree from Camden County College in ASL Interpretation. Victor hosts annual community forums for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community, where he discusses relevant issues pertaining to video remote interpretation.

  • 4:45PM
    Video Presentation and Closing Remarks
    Austin Wade, Michael O’Neill, and Don Moseley
  • 5:30PM
    Cocktail Reception & Dinner

September 28th

  • 7:30AM
  • 8:15AM
    Addressing Social Determinants of Health to Improve Community Quality of Care
    Kathleen Wessel – AHA Health Forums

    Kathleen Wessel is the vice president, business development for AHA Health Forum, the strategic business enterprise of the American Hospital Association. In her current role, she oversees account teams and delivery strategies, and creates and executes strategic marketing and sales support plans. Previous experience includes managing IT, data, and finance areas, including implementing program databases, web sites, digital marketing programs and CRM.

    Prior to her current role, she ran the development and launch of several new business ventures for the association focusing on non-dues revenue development, including the highly successful Lab Interoperability Cooperative, National Healthcare Career Network and (now

  • 9:15AM
    Building Efficiency into Language Services – Scheduling Protocols and VRI
    Sarah Hesler – University of Kentucky
  • 10:00AM
    Break + Snacks
  • 10:15AM
    Promoting Health Equity: Focusing on Health Equity Issues During the Joint Commission Survey
    Christina Cordero, PhD, MPH – Joint Commission

    Christina Cordero is a Project Director in the Department of Standards and Survey Methods, Division of Healthcare Quality Evaluation at The Joint Commission. Dr. Cordero is focused on standards development projects for the hospital and laboratory accreditation programs. She developed the patient-centered communication standards and The Joint Commission monograph Advancing Effective Communication, Cultural Competence, and Patient- and Family-Centered Care: A Roadmap for Hospitals. Dr. Cordero also provided research and technical support to The Joint Commission's Hospitals, Language, and Culture: A Snapshot of the Nation study, and she is a contributing author of One Size Does Not Fit All: Meeting the Health Care Needs of Diverse Populations.

    Dr. Cordero earned her Doctor of Philosophy in Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis and her Master of Public Health degrees from Northwestern University, Chicago, IL.

  • 11:15AM
    Closing Remarks
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